Pearl Cays Wildlife Refuge

The Pearl Cays archipelago is located from 3 to 23km east of the mainland. There are 22 coral cays in the protected area lined with mangroves, coral rubble, and sandy beaches surrounded by coral reefs and seagrass beds. The marine environment provides an important habitat for the breeding, development, and migration of many species including turtles, lobster, fish, sharks, and invertebrates such as conch and sea cucumbers. Which is why the Pearl Cays are a top destination spot for Photography in Nicaragua.

Miskito and Garifuna Communities

The largest indigenous group in Nicaragua, the Miskitos have historically fished, farmed, and hunted the Caribbean coast.

Descendants of African slaves, the Garifuna have fiercely preserved their traditions – from music to language to spritual customs – and warmly welcome visitors.