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How does the tour price support conservation?

By traveling with Kabu Tours you are not just getting an unforgettable trip, but you are supporting a small rural community and sea turtle conservation. Kabu Tours was established with help from the Wildlife Conservation Society. The members of Kabu Tours are local Miskito fishermen and we have agreed to cease our harvest of the endangered green sea turtle and attempt to make a living operating tours. We are also committed to investing a portion of each tour in community and conservation projects. We hope that you consider supporting us and turtle conservation!

What do I need to bring to the Pearl Cays?

We provide life-jackets, chairs, tables, hammocks, sheets, towels, a first aid kit, snorkel gear and all of the necessary camping equipment. We recommend that you bring your personal belongings (bathing suit, sunscreen lotion, clothes for sun protection, hat, raincoat, your personal medication, etc.). If you’ll be participating in a turtle-watch tour, it is preferable that you wear dark clothes.

Where can I stay in Pearl Lagoon?

There are several family-owned hotels and lodges in town, and a small hostel in Kahkabila as well. Please contact us if you need help making a reservation. See our Pearl Lagoon Information Page!

Is there an ATM in Pearl Lagoon?

Pearl Lagoon, where the tours leave from, does not have a bank or an ATM. The closest ATM and bank is in Bluefields, an hour to the south via boat.

Does Pearl Lagoon have internet?

Yes, there are two internet cafés in Pearl Lagoon, however, there are no internet cafés in Kahkabila.

When is the best time to visit?

Hawksbill nesting season begins slowly in May and usually ends in November, with a peak in July and August. If you are interested in seeing nesting turtles, we recommend that you come between July and August. The water is clearest for great snorkeling in February, March and April. However, there is no bad time to come – you will have a great time no matter what month it is!

Can I stay on the Pearl Cays?

The Pearl Cays are very small and fragile islands. Several human activities on the Pearl Cays have damaged the fragile ecosystem in recent years, a situation that triggered the declaration of the Pearl Cays Wildlife Refuge in 2010. Erosion of the cays’ coastline is one of the worst consequences of these unregulated human activities. For this reason, in order to preserve this fragile environment, Kabu Tours uses a ‘leave no trace’ campsite that is placed behind the beach to avoid interfering with nesting turtles and to protect the nesting habitat. In addition, we carry in all of our materials and pack out everything when we leave.

How did Kabu Tours start?

The Wildlife Conservation Society helped Kabu Tours establish the company with support from the Government of Spain in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and Nicaragua’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) as well as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of the Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Program implemented by FHI 360. More information about these projects are here: www.pnuma.org/manglares and www.fhi360.org/countries/nicaragua.