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Kabu Tours is a local tour operation based in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua which offers guided eco-tours to the Pearl Cays Wildlife Refuge and our local Miskito and Garifuna communities. Our goal is to provide you with a high quality natural and cultural experience to give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the heritage and environment of Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast.

Our Mission

Kabu Tours is a community based tourism initiative that seeks to reduce sea turtle fishing pressure on the Pearl Cays WIldlife Refuge by providing sustainable livelihoods to former fisherman from Kahkabila, a Miskito community in the Pearl Lagoon basin.

Inspiring Visitors and Conservation

Kabu Tours is different from other operators that work in the region. We believe that a true traveler doesn’t just want to see a place, but wants to know the story behind the destination. Our team is commited to showing you the beautiful local wildlife while reducing our environmental impact within the Pearl Cays Wildlife Refuge. We provide you with an educational experience by incorporating sea turtle knowledge gathered through years of research conducted in local conservation projects by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). We care for our environment and provide an example for our fellow community members that there is a better way to use our natural resources.

5 Reasons to Travel With Us!

Authenticity: Because we’re from here, you don’t just visit communities and cays… you experience them!
Sustainability: 10% of our profit goes to support community based and environmental projects. We also reduce our impact on the cays by following best practices and ensuring that our activities are environmentally friendly.
Quality Guides: Our guides are PADI-Certified skin divers trained in environmental interpretation.
Quality Gear: We’re the best-equipped tour operator in the region – from our life jackets and snorkel gear to the tents we use for our overnight tours.
Delicious Food: We serve fresh seafood, fruit, and local favorites like Rundown – a coconut milk stew made from local fish and vegetables.

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Kabu tours is the best way for you to experience all that Pearl Lagoon and the Pearl Cays have to offer. We look forward to sharing our beautiful piece of paradise with you. Ask us about our current deals, or join another group to save money and upgrade your adventure!

We are also happy to help you with travel arrangements and we can even meet you at the airport in Bluefields, just contact us with any questions or requests. In your message please include how many people will be in your party and when you would like to visit.

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Guest Reviews

Don't just take our word for it...

★★★★★ “A great vacation with lasting benefits!”

An incredibly well-thought-out project! Kabu Tours is part of a larger effort to create viable economic opportunities for the people of the Pearl Lagoon that conserve rather than degrade the local ecosystem. If you are interested in promoting sustainable development while enjoying a vacation in an island paradise, look no further! My experience with their tours were professional, educational, and best of all, safe. Highly recommended!

Nick W

September 2013

Kabu Tours on TripAdvisor

We are proud of the reputation we have built on quality service and great tours. Visit our #1 ranking of “Attractions in Pearl Lagoon” on TripAdvisor.com where you can read more reviews!


★★★★★ “Top of the line, and the sea turtles will thank you!”

I was in charge of a group of 16 french engineers that went with Kabu on a day trip to the Pearl Cays and I have to say we were all very, very impressed.

The Kabu team, all locals, were professional, thorough, safe and very knowledgeable. They took us to some great snorkel spots, made a traditional “Rundown” stew for lunch, explained about the local wildlife and flora of the area and I learned more about turtles than I ever thought I would.

I would love to return during nesting season and if I do, I will definitely go with Kabu! Highly recommended!


January 2014

★★★★★ “Pristine beauty all to yourself!”

My best friend and I did a one day/one night trip with Kabu Tours. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We had a pristine island all to ourselves, when snorkeling in the most brilliant coral reef I have ever seen, and ate delicious home-cooked meals. Our guides were wonderful, and really fun! They walked us around the island at night to search for sea turtles nesting, taught us Miskitu words, and seemed to have everything we could ever need ready and waiting for us. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful trip. I can’t say enough good things about Kabu tours!

Carl G, United States

June 2013

★★★★✩ “Natural beauty in Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast”

Kabu Tours made our overnight trip to Cayos Perlas a success. They organized everything including boat transportation from Laguna Perlas (up to 45 minutes), preparing all meals, setting up our tent and sleeping gear, a table and chairs for meals, taking us to several snorkeling sites (bring your underwater camera!), explaining the history of the area, and guiding us in the water at the various snorkeling excursions. The cays were breathtakingly beautiful and the snorkeling was good. Our three guides (captain, cook and snorkel) were very professional, well organized, and took good care of us.

Although it was not a luxury vacation, they made sure we were comfortable and safe. I only wish I had brought a bottle of wine to enjoy the beautiful sunset! The guides are all from the nearby village of Kakahbila, and used to fish for the green turtles – now they are committed to preserving them and earning a living through sustainable tourism. I would recommend this tour to anyone with an adventurous spirit wishing to experience a visit to a remote area in Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast – bring a group of 6 people or so if you can, to reduce individual cost!

David N

March 2014